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Benefits Of Community Schools To Learners

Community schools are schools that focus on learning by partnering with the community and family to foster growth in family, community, and academics. The education system focuses on teaching students on the basic things in life that prepare the learners to be practical and solve real-life problems. These schools have been introduced to help students and the community identify the issues that they are facing and come up with solutions. Initially, education has been theoretical therefore producing graduates that are unable to meet life challenges. This learning involves teachers, parents and community residents in attaining the same goal of producing reliable people in the future.

There are various benefits of community schools at As mentioned above learning is engineered by families, teachers, and the entire community. Therefore learners can learn both academically and non -academically. These are essential since students can learn skills that are relevant for survival. The education is done by incorporating project-based learning. Where the students do not emphasize in theoretical work but also in practical work, the third advantage is that students are able to understand themselves better. Their parents teach them more about their family and their origin while their community teaches about their cultures, these are essential in helping students to hold their culture dearly and avoid eroding their culture.

Community-based schools students are educated about their rights. Therefore they can know when their powers are being misused. Another essential aim of community schools is learners are trained on the rest of the world besides their own world. They are able to learn more about other people from other races. The most critical objective aim of community schools is to prepare the learner for their future life. Students learn on some of the trending problems that the world is facing and try to seek for the solution for the problems. Know more about Community Schools here!

The community-based school also incorporate the project-based learning in their system. This is a curriculum of education where students learn by experimenting and not just by reading the theory in books. The method involves the student in the learning process, and the educator-only directs. Students are allowed to go out in the field identify a problem and collect data that will help them recommend the best solution for the challenge. This mode of learning encourages competency in students, and they are able to be reliable and dependable after they are done with school. The students that are produced are open-minded and are ready for survival in this competitive world. For more ideas about education, visit

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